UPCOMING PRESENTATION: Turning Carrots into Karats for Millennials & Baby Boomers

This presentation by Chris Crawford and Brent Longnecker of Longnecker & Associates will identify the differences of today’s workforce with four very different generations of Workers: Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials & Gen Z. The discussion will include what motivates the different generations along with the compensation currency of choice. They will discuss how to… Read more »

Preparing for CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures

“Public companies in the U.S. will be required to disclose the ratio of CEO pay to median employee pay in their 2018 proxy statements—reporting on fiscal year 2017—and many are already working through the calculations involved. Prudent companies are also considering the potential impact of these disclosures on the workforce, not just shareholders. In doing so,… Read more »

Fearing lawsuits, U.S. banks set limits for director pay

“Over the past two years, a growing number of U.S. banks has capped their directors’ earnings, but the ceilings are so high that they primarily serve to fend off potential shareholder litigation rather than control the pace of pay increases. Most of the caps are typically 2-3 times what directors now get paid, according to… Read more »

Bank Compensation and Governance in the New Era

New compensation and governance standards are impacting boards of directors in all industries, but even more so in banking, which has more regulatory requirements and is under greater scrutiny. The recent Wells Fargo & Co. $185 million settlement over alleged accounts opened without customer permission illustrates that even the most admired banks with seemingly solid… Read more »

2017 Proxy Season Prep

We would like to share some helpful advice on how to prepare for the upcoming 2017 proxy season. Following Michael Melbinger’s blog on Tuesday (Say on Pay Frequency Vote in 2017), his clients wanted to know the rest of his tips and reminders for 2017 proxy season. The long form version is available for his… Read more »

Curing the Gender & Racial Pay Gap

There is a common story that white males make more than their female and non-white male counterparts. In short, there is a gender and racial pay gap that exists in the US. A recent study by the Pew Research group supports this claim. Read more on this issue in our most recent L&A original article… Read more »

Why Basing Executive Compensation on a Formula Doesn’t Work

We want to share a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Why Basing Executive Compensation on a Formula Doesn’t Work,” that supports our message to clients that a formula isn’t the “end all, be all” approach for executive pay.

3 Trends Affecting Today’s Compensation Committees

In this article, Cameco’s Jim Curtiss discusses several trends that will continue to impact compensation committees in the months ahead: 1) greater emphasis on transparency, 2) greater scrutiny of the CD&A, and 3) greater oversight from proxy advisors.

Top CFOs’ Pay Rises 18.7% to 3.4 Million Since 2011

We would like to share an article by Matthew Heller that discusses an Equilar survey that found CFO pay growth at S&P 500 firms is outpacing that of CEOs and performance-based equity is gaining prominence.

EpiPen Maker Dispenses Outsize Pay

In this Wall Street Journal article entitled, “EpiPen Maker Dispenses Outsize Pay“, the author points out potential excessive pay (based on peer group) and aligning business decisions purely due to desired achievement of incentive plans versus company profits. Here is a snippet of the rationale from WSJ: One reason that Mylan ranked so high in the… Read more »