Board Boot Camps

The function of a board of directors is to oversee the activities of a company or organization. They are the overall governance of an organization. This places board members under increased scrutiny from the employees for which they make decisions, their peers, shareholders and regulators.

The leadership at Longnecker & Associates have over 20 years of experience working with public, private and not-for-profit companies on a variety of complex compensation and governance situations. Our consultants conduct personalized, company-specific Board Boot Camps. The goal of the Boot Camp is to educate board members at every stage of experience and from every type of organization to discover best practices for sustainable impact.

Public Company Board of Directors

Public boards face the challenge of transparency and ownership, as they are under the watchful lens of regulators and shareholders. In a public company the primary tasks of the board are to approve corporate strategy and hire and fire the CEO.

Private Company Board of Directors

Private company boards face the challenge of proving to be objective and independent, as they do not have shareholders to answer to. Often times in a private company the CEO is a majority shareholder so the board ends up acting as an advisor on many of the key issues without the ability to veto or fire.

Nonprofit and Not-for-profit Board of Directors

Nonprofit and Not-for-profit boards face strategic and financial challenges. The responsibility to ensure that organizations are indispensable and effective falls on the shoulders of the boards and the CEOs they hire.

Longnecker & Associates Board Boot Camps cover:

  • Effective corporate governance
  • Succession plan and compensation of CEO
  • Structure of organization
  • Regulation adherence
  • Financial oversight
  • Assessment and evaluation / reporting policies
  • Board of Director Responsibilities

Board Authority and Relationships

  • The Board / executive leadership relationship
  • Board meetings and committees
  • Board member dynamic, desirable traits and diversity

Action Plans

  • Strategic planning
  • Specific board scenarios and decision making
  • Tools and techniques to implement your strategies

If your organization is in need of a Board Boot Camp contact Longnecker & Associates today. Our consultants will provide a personalized evaluation to discover the nuances that set your company apart, and host a Boot Camp to take your company’s board of directors to the next level.

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