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How Boards Should Evaluate Their Own Performance

“The New York Stock Exchange requires that the boards of all publicly traded corporations conduct a self-evaluation at least annually to determine whether they are functioning effectively. The purpose of the exercise is to ensure that boards are staffed and led appropriately, that board members are effective in fulfilling their obligations, and that reliable processes are… Read more »

Six Tips to Helps Boards Avoid a Crisis

“When an organization fails because of executive malfeasance, it generates a lot of attention. But such situations are actually relatively rare. It’s much more common, though less talked about, for organizations to fail because of ungoverned incompetence. That is, someone does the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing, and organizational systems fail… Read more »

10 Key Findings That Impact Board Performance

“Overseeing a company is no small task. Disruptive technologies are changing corporate business models, geopolitical turmoil is impacting supply chains and investment opportunities, and increased regulatory complexity is affecting innovation. Institutional investors and shareholder activists are also playing a more powerful role shaping corporate governance. But no one more than board directors have to keep… Read more »

2017 Board of Directors Predictions: 5 Trends to Watch

“2016 was a year marked by significant changes—stunning political upheavals via Brexit and our own controversial new President-elect; a growing number of big-ticket, multi billion dollar M&A deals amid massive enterprise court battles, particularly in the technology sector; evolving regulations and proposed governance standards; as well as persistent and increasingly destructive cyber security attacks, threatening… Read more »

PODCAST: Getting the Most From Your Non-profit Board

Eugene Fram was a guest on Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio last month, and in his interview he provided some great tips for non-profit boards. He is professor emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology and author of “Going For Impact: The Nonprofit Director’s Essential Guidebook.” Here’s a summary of his suggestions: ◾strive for excellence; your board… Read more »