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Six Tips to Helps Boards Avoid a Crisis

“When an organization fails because of executive malfeasance, it generates a lot of attention. But such situations are actually relatively rare. It’s much more common, though less talked about, for organizations to fail because of ungoverned incompetence. That is, someone does the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing, and organizational systems fail… Read more »

Board of Directors Pay: Rewarding for Expertise

“Board of Directors pay continues its upward trend according to a study published by Total Compensation Solutions (TCS). The Board compensation report shows increases of approximately 7 to 8 percent from last year for annual retainers for the Chairman, and Regular Board Members and an increase of 14.4% for Lead Director annual retainers.” Read the… Read more »

Board Director Pay Keeps Pace, BDO Analysis Finds

“Board director compensation levels for middle market companies kept pace with the economy between 2014 and 2015, according to a new report from BDO USA, LLP, a leading accounting and consulting organization. Following years of solid increases, compensation remained relatively level at $153,389. The report, The BDO 600: 2016 Survey of Board Compensation Practices of… Read more »

Fearing lawsuits, U.S. banks set limits for director pay

“Over the past two years, a growing number of U.S. banks has capped their directors’ earnings, but the ceilings are so high that they primarily serve to fend off potential shareholder litigation rather than control the pace of pay increases. Most of the caps are typically 2-3 times what directors now get paid, according to… Read more »